Broken China

I’m not sure what love is

But I have a clue

I think love is what I felt

That day at the coffee shop

When your fingers lightly touched my wrist

So sublimely

I think love is when

We celebrated dating for two years

By going hiking

And everyone stared

The whole way down

And the whole way there

We even got kicked out of a store

For a kiss on the cheek

Fucking Tennessee sucks

That’s why we changed ranges

Bye bye Tennessee mountain home

Hello Rocky Mountain high

But wait

Even when we were here

We felt uneasy

Our love is palpable

It is effortless

It is overwhelming

I knew you were the one

Way back then

But I didn’t know what

“The one”, meant

Now I’m starting to understand

I think the one

Is the one

You put up with

In the end

The one you decide

“This one’s worth the sacrifice”

I could be free

I could be open ended

I quite like being a bachelor-man

But I would spend all day

Every moment

Daydreaming about the love

I had with the woman who

Stole my heart–

Waved it all around town

Got us in trouble

more times than I can count–

And never gave it back

Goddamnit, I love her


I give her my whole self

I’ve never felt less vulnerable

With someone

While being so open

And so torn apart

I am whole because

She holds me

Her love–glues together my

Broken China heart

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