Bros Was So Good

I didn’t really like Billy Eichner before last night tbh, lol

I also don’t understand the criticism of the movie, it’s literally a movie

About men

Who like fucking other men, and who are weirdly

Turned off by their various compositions, who

As he so justly pointed out– simply cater to each others whims

In an endless loop of void selfishness… sigh! Finally somebody says it in a

Mainstream outlet. Of course I enjoyed the whole premise of the

Angry, pessimistic podcast host who gets in their own way and the

Magically and tragically opposite love interest gets carried most of the way by

Some inexplicable force, no one can say– is it love? Must be

Anyway, people’s main criticism with this movie is that it

“perpetuates the very stereotypes it tries to disassemble”

My main criticism of that is– does it try to disassemble them…? I don’t think so

He simply points it out, and sighs– insists on being single. I didn’t see him

Break anything apart, other than his own seams

Most scandalous things were various awful nonsenses that honestly like

I hope most of that was satirical, like holy shit folks.

So many things he says and does in the movie that are perfect examples of

What I hate and what I love, I actually felt

represented, dare I say, a bit

By a white gay cis male perspective. Downright fascinating.

Anyway, color me impressed, Billy Eichner, and

To anybody else– go see it, or don’t

I dunno, maybe I’m just old as fuck

But to me, a queer film at the theater is always exciting.

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