Buck Angel/Lana Wachowski Tabloids/How Broke Is Buck Angel?

Okay I keep trying to find

Proof, a timeline, real solid evidence of

Any kind—

And all I can dig up is that

Buck Angel sold stories to tabloids himself

About Wachowski stealing his ex and

Outing her as trans and

Smearing her name so that

He milked the situation

Every way he could, for his own

Poor, lost, directionless soul—

Desperately grabbing at some sort of

Celebrity ideal.

I tell you what I’m getting

Really really sick of seeing this idiot’s posts

Posts like these— about other people

“Being broke”

You are the most deadbeat broke piece of shit

I have ever seen on the internet

And I already did a whole Chase Ross segment!!!!!

How broke is Buck Angel?

MLM scheme, tabloid selling broke.

Pandering to conservative news outlets broke.

I need to go ahead and make an episode so I can

Stop reading all of the sad, half-interesting

Boring 80’s bottom tier tabloid stories

He so desperately tried to propagate

That moment when you rewatch the Buck Angel documentary

And you see everything clearly

Hindsight is a bitch paying for any kind of story,

Any kind of anything.

Anything for more attention, I think.

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