Buck Angel

Buck Angel is one of my heroes

But that doesn’t mean he should be an idol

It just means he’s badass as fuck

And that should be enough.


I watched some video by some guy

About how Buck Angel is a piece of shit

And I’m over here like~~

How dare you fuckin’ say that shit

That motherfucker is your fucking tranpa you ungrateful asshole

Of course this fair-haired, ex-becky individual is entitled to his opinion

And I wish him the best of luck in the garbage youtube world

But I just don’t give a fuck

If Buck Angel is a role model

I also find all of the criticisms of him

To be steeped in sex-worker shaming and porn-star hating

I just think ya’ll are hypocrite dipshit assholes

Who have no understanding of our history

Or the bravery that it takes to be that fuckin’ ballsy

Motherfucker took his pants off on Howard Stern and

You’re mad at him for what… exposing their transphobia?

Maybe they’ve changed their minds since, or maybe

They never will, and never would have.

You know what all those people in that room

Will never, ever do?

Watch your stupid fucking youtube video,

Read this post, or listen to any of us.

Buck Angel did the best anybody could’ve, better?

Your disappointment

Is just not his cross to bear.

I don’t understand the concept of

“That guy is visible he needs to be perfect”

If you’ve got all the answers to everything–

Fucking run for president !

In the meantime

I’m gonna enjoy the brave souls that made this possible for me

And forgive them, perhaps a bit too liberally.

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