Buck Angel’s Whole Life Rests On His Trans Identity

Here’s the deal I’m late to the whole

Buck Angel sucks party

Because I, like many I suspect

Weirdly feel like I owe this guy my respect for no reason.

I know I’m not alone in this for that he quite literally

Reminds people whenever he can

It’s his whole fucking life y’all—

Bein a trans man —

That’s all she wrote.

Do I need to tell you his story…?

I doubt it. He will. Just go to

Any resource he posts about himself and

His documentary, merch, and life story will be

Blasted into your face. He hasn’t done

Anything since.

Motherfucker hasn’t done anything since that documentary

Other than take a pity handout from Contrapoints.

TERFs are above and beyond the best thing

That has ever happened to him

Why does he not shut up?

Cuz he needs money !!!

Inflation is killing everyone yo I mean

If you can manage to sell shit

From your couch

About being trans

You are better off than most people

Certainly people like me who work in a fucking warehouse

Like an actual grown adult

Alas he is nothing

Without his transgender identity

Which explains all of everything honestly—

The requirement for gender dysphoria to define your reality

The requirement for depression and anxiety to define who you are as a man, who you are sexually

All of his perspective

Fits within his own asshole

Nice and tight

Alas I don’t want to cram in there with him or

With all the other dumb cunts shoved in deep im just

Tryna live

A modern trans story

Instead of pulling a Buck Angel and

Daydreaming about the days where

He was the only trans man pornstar

And how it used to pay his bills.

I don’t think it’s healthy or educational

In the least

To spread misinformation and bigotry

In the name of children while you act like

A spoiled brat bitch who can’t hold a job

Or keep a healthy stable relationship

To save his own life let alone

Give anyone else tips.

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