Bullshit/Pig Pen/Alternatives to Drag Race

I can’t even look at promos for Drag Race anymore

These people are fucking


What Ru Paul has done

“For the gay community”

Will benefit himself and no one else

For a few more decades, and then

Fizzle out into obscurity.

The fags that love this shit

Are far too fickle

To actually commemorate any of it–

And besides–

Any show

That claims to be trans inclusive

By allowing

A token trans perspective

On each season

Can suck my dick–

My grandpa raises cows and pigs

I’ve been over there, and honestly

I’d rather help clean out a pig pen

Than have to see one more post

About how “progressive” drag race is, and how

They are “changing the face of drag”–

Fucking bullshit

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