Can Queer Culture and Identity Be Appropriated?

Can queer culture and identity

Be appropriated?

There is no safe way to say

“Yes”, anything but

“No” would be flagged as

Gatekeeping, however

If a tree

Identifies as pansexual

In the forest

And never acts on their urges–

Does that tree’s identity

Make it different from the other trees?

I think perhaps

The issue here

Is with the lumber industry.

People aren’t trees, and honestly

There isn’t much difference between a tree and a person

It’s just that one is way louder than the other

And poops more often.

Gender and sexuality

Have biological realities, the same way

Trees do. If a tree


As nonbinary–

Would anyone need to know it?

Does it make the wood different?

Do nonbinary trees get access

To special plant-based sex puns?

I thought I had some…

Dang, oh well

Anyway, thanks

For coming to my TED Talk.

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