Captain America

I’ve been a huge ass lately.

Between the angst and the pain and the

Constant, bone-aching transformation

I’ve become weirdly

Anti everyone.

I even bottom shamed

I love bottoms!!

Who am I ?!?!

What have I done with my corpse.

I just watched the movie “the hole in the ground” with my girlfriend

It was cool but

The hole itself

Had absolutely no purpose

Other than to house the weird creepy gremlin monsters.

Kinda reminded me of all of my

Angry bullshit from the last few months—

Sometimes it starts as imposters syndrome

And sometimes you’re just someone else

You didn’t intend to become.

Anyway— I think I’m starting to come back

Full circle, I think I’m starting to

Heal, thrive and grow.

I don’t expect to shit on faggots or bottoms

Unless they ask me to, consensually—

I promise.

Also no joke

I just talked to the most feminine man in the world—

Working at Walmart, helping me out

Being cute as fuck making me feel like

Big man on campus.

I see now, like a Captain America—

I was only insecure because I needed

My balls to drop, eat some

Spinach, and stop being treated

Like some bitch.

Ahhh dammit see

There I go again.

Important to mention—

As a lady, with they pronouns

And a Becky first name

I was never, ever shamed

For using the same words used against me.

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