Case Study/Contrapoints Cont.

The obsessively

Logical-approach to

Understanding the human condition

Through a lens that is both

Never wrong, and never quite with it–

Gets more than a bit irritating

After an hour or so of

Meticulously edited,

Fashionable witty performance.

But mostly I just

Really, really hate it

When people give me

Biased, incomplete takes

On feminist thinkers

And follow it up

With extremely well-considered

Well-researched takes

From white male philosophers

Something about this

Doesn’t seem to bother

Anyone but me… alas–

The real issue I have

With the page, is that

She talks to incels, and men

About feminism this way

Which, I’m sure, is still better

Than not acknowledging women’s perspective at all…

But marginally so.

I also generally loathe

All of the dialogue

That pits

“The left” as they call themselves




Speaking of Envy, contra–


I think the reason trans women

Talk about TERFS like they are fucking

Crawling in the streets, attacking them

And calling their friends–

Is because of the very Envy

That Contrapoints failed to mention

In her hour and forty-five minute tribute

To everyone else’s envy problem


That she

Sounds incredibly envious

Of any cis lesbian

Who is angry enough

To become a terf on the internet.

I honest to god


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