Catalina de Erauso/Pre-Medicalization Requirements/If I Had A Time Machine

The more I think about it

The more I start to realize

That while yes, many trans men and

Trans masculine people bind their breasts

To hide them, but also they do this

For function. A friend of mine

Sent me a book about

Catalina de Erauso

This motherfucker–

Will make you wonder about a lot of things

Sometimes you’re like

“Men don’t have breasts”

And other times you’re like

“How tf am I gonna fit my titty

In a metal breast plate for fighting–

How am I going to avoid

Being stabbed in the tit

By some random asshat’s sword”

Binding. Again–

Catalina de Erauso

Did not have a GC2B Binder

Motherfucker strapped ’em down

However possible

Was it to pass?

Maybe, was it also

Strictly business, strictly survival, strictly

Functional? I’d say so!

Teleport yourself now

To 10, 15, 30 years ago–

You had to petition yourself

To become transgender.

You couldn’t just

Sign up for HRT with a cute blouse on

And paint on your nails– you had to fucking

Sacrifice and suffer and

Perform the narrative

So that people believed you were trans.

You had to be willing

To live in a way

That no other person would

In order to prove that your need to medically transition

Was valid enough.

Teleport to today–

Where you can have top surgery

Without even being on HRT!

This is like, the biggest kind of progress

Ya’ll don’t even see.

The transphobes be too busy complaining, and

I’m over here

Marveling at all of it–

Of course

I get to sit here

On my fat 2021 almost 2022 ass

And say things like

“Binders are bullshit–

Throw ’em in the trash”–

Of course I say these things


You can get top surgery

AND hormone therapy

Without performing any suffering, without

Compromising any of your body’s integrity–

You can just fucking exist

Like a fucking cis woman

Right up until you change your name

And do all the surgeries–

Why own a binder– why do

Any of the nonsense, if you

Don’t have to bother, and why

Especially, if it makes no difference

In the way you feel about your own body,

Your own truth, your own perspective.

I can’t help but wonder

If Catalina de Erauso

Would be fucking stoked


That motherfucker

At the very least

Would be going through what

Noelle Stevenson is now, I mean-

Noelle, if you’re out there

Catalina de Erauso is a pretty fucking baller comparison,

You’re welcome, but also

Are any of us

Anything alike

When we’re all completely different, in different times

Different spaces, different cities and states–

Totally different circumstances.

If I had a time machine

I would go back

And meet Catalina de Erauso, and show that motherfucker

Pictures of my top surgeon’s gallery, well–

Wait, hold on

I don’t think I would

The motherfucker would be like

“take my sword” cuz straight up

If I were in those shoes that’s what I would do–

I would show him/her

My own, after I recover, hopefully

We don’t have to talk about

The how, but we will talk about

The will, and the way the future unfolds

For people who carry the burden

Of another soul’s misery

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