Cats Talk

Sometimes my cats talk

To me, to her

To each other.

They also talk to spirits in my house

Every night at 11

I’ve been pretending that it isn’t

Every night at 11

But it’s always

Every night at 11

They howl and hiss

Pounce, gallop

Leap and assist

They are hunting ghosts, I think

Spirited canaries floating twixt divisions

Undead mice speaking tongues in the walls

They know we are listening

They know the cats are talking

It’s them they call out to

The spirits, apparitions

They don’t need cuddles

And they don’t need provisions

It’s gotta be ghosts

They’ve been yeowling the same rhythms.

Messages, Ouijis

Cats speak clearly to these minions

I just wish they would let me sleep

Catch some shut eye, rest in position.

I see demons in the shadows

Cats, keeping the ghosts awake all night

Blurring the lines between our dimensions.

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