My generation gets a lot of shit

I think the newbies are gonna get it worse, albeit–


If you ask me

It’s got a lot to do with social media

And how it encourages people

To be false idols

So much so, that if you try to be

An authentic version of yourself

You just lose followers.

The only things that are okay to say

Are the things that are trending

That everyone agrees with

No matter if they are true or not–

It’s about image.

My generation

Has a serious authenticity problem–

They all think they are being

Authentic, while simultaneously

Putting on a show that eliminates

All of their biases

All of their prejudices

All of their bad habits and

None of their vices

The only way you get to see

Any of these things

Is if you live on the outskirts of society

Where these exact same people

Feel 100% comfortable

Taking a dump on anyone they decide

Is less than them.

Have people always done this?

Of course~!

But they haven’t always made

A business out of being

A narcissistic jerk–

It used to be

That you had to actually be someone

With skills, or at least a rich family

In order to talk down to someone you don’t know–

Now all you have to do is have a cellphone.

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