Cellulite Is F$&%ing Hot

Ever since I started t

My cellulite has been steadily vanishing

Just kind of like

Weird magic bullshit

Evaporating from my ass and hips

I’m still curvy, I’m still full-figured

I just kinda figured I’d be stuck

With cellulite for forever

Now it’s slowly going and

I can’t believe I’m telling you this but—

I kind of miss it ?

I see it on basically

All estrogen people and it

Drives me totally crazy. I mean

It always did, but not in the same way

More of a

Ow my boner exploded and I’m

Staring and now I just kinda need to

Take a cold shower or beg for forgiveness

Or something I mean

I think this kind of fat might be

Especially feminine, and now

It’s all I ever think about

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