Truth be told nowadays

If you are anything besides an echo

You get labeled an echo, anyway

If you dare say anything

Besides the standard canon of

Approved content you get

Lost in the chaos of everyone else’s

Lying bullshit. Alternatives include

Lying more vigorously and aggressively,

Appealing to the shortest attention span in history

Take selfies and “engaging physically” lmfao

Aka be present with a body that

Others find engaging–

I am depressed at the state of things.

I’m depressed knowing that the

Youtube and tiktok and facebook and twitter

The way ya’ll express yourselves makes it sound like

You’ve got nothing but glitter in your crotch and

All the world is a twat–

And honestly even if these people

All suddenly quit everything

Ya’ll are so hooked you’d still be thinking

The same way for years– all of this shit

Is so reductive, so simplistic, so repetitive–

I enjoy minimalism but not this medium folks

Jesus fucking christ we shouldn’t be minimalist

With our love, with our connections, with our sincerity–

We can’t keep pretending as if

There will be a better time

To let go and to be friendly.

I am many things I wish I wasn’t but

I am not miserly, and to be honest

Even the fucking teens nowadays

They see the world as some sort of

Show or video they are watching,

I find it hard to believe that

Teens in NY can develop

Tourette’s but

It’s completely transphobic

And insane, impossible

To say that the same might be happening

To queer and trans kids in similar circumstances–

I can’t stand the sort of speechless dialogue

Ya’ll insist is going on–

There is no change happening, just

Distractions, and new problems

Changing and morphing and honestly

I wish that the queer internet

Was capable of having a real conversation

Without somebody like Daphne Dorman ending up dead–

Or without reclaiming somebody’s body for their own fucking cause,


I am sick to death of the nonsense.

My girlfriend said she saw a cis guy at Lowes today

With bigger tits than me

And skinny little legs.

I wonder if he gets called a lady

Just because of his “chest”

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