Childhood Nutrition Advice Should Be Given To The Parents/Fat, Swollen and Bleary/Angels Singing

I received a lot of intervention as a kid

All of it was targeted

Towards me and my choices, even though

The intervention amplified when I was barely 8 —

My parents were always somehow

Not involved, not important.

I received diet and nutrition advice,

Portion size information

All with the tone of shame

And condemnation.

I was told if I didn’t lose weight then

I would die young

Despite the fact, that I learned

Later in life

That I had Cushing’s syndrome.

Misdiagnosis neglect and

A hefty dose of social shame

Made my family resent me

More than they manage to hide.

My sister blamed me for her

Lack of friends, my mom compared

Our pant sizes, my dad would ignore

All of us. He chose hiding.

My masculinity deemed—

A coping mechanism, an “inferiority complex”

Lmfao I cannot stop the pain of

Expressing yourself only to be seen as

Putting a bow on a turd pile. Sometimes

It’s like a wound that no bandage can heal.

My point here is—

None of these people ever had to diet

I was given all the information and

They kept on living however they liked.

My weight was my problem, and not theirs—

Not until of course, they all realized one day

They were all fatter than hell.

Somewhere along the line

The fat kid that was everyone else’s problem

Is now the skinniest and most active.

The irony will never be lost on me because

All of this is burned into my psyche

Now— they discover

— oh hell—

We should diet. Let me give you

Some tips !!

Lmfao, drop my mic

I’ll come scream it in your ear

Y’all were never held to the same level of responsibility

You mocked me for for years

I will haunt myself if no one else

Social graces graceless

It must be my purpose to express pain

Fat, swollen, and bleary, I am always and forever

Working on it

I often feel there will never be a moments peace

From the choir of angels singing

No discipline— fat loser

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