Cis Folk Are Fine Substitutes For Trans/Rude As A Goat

These trans people on the internet

The ones I like, the ones I call friend–

They always be cheering

When I complain about

Lack of representation.

But lately, I’ve just been

Exhausted. All of the queer representation

I’ve been seeing

Is queer baiting

The worst, cheapest, shittiest kind.

Here I wanted a queer steak

They gave me queer bait

Bait– is like

Worms, or a cheeto, or

A torn off piece of some other catch you

Have no plans to make a feast of.

I don’t want to fuckin’ bait I am

Sick to death of eating bait

I want steak

Portabello, squash, halloumi–

IDGAF — steak it.

I have very few, if any choices

Sense8 was basically

The main course.

So since sense8 has been cancelled–

Presumably because of the main reason

I loved it so much– the nonstop orgies!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be eating

Substitution steaks, such as

Cis folk.

I really enjoyed

The Wicker Man,

A far-superior version of the modern horror “Midsommar”

I also really enjoy

Staring at everyone

On TV or not

I am a total fucking creep and honestly

Now that everyone thinks I’m a cis man

I can stare, rude as a goat, all I want.

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