Cis Hetero People Have Been The Most Understanding, Welcoming and Supportive About My Transition

#NotAllCisPeople lmfao

I mean, loads of them are fucking assholes–

But to be real with ya’ll– other queer people

Other trans people

People who stand at a gate and

Open and close it, those people–

Those are the ones I am the most frustrated with.

Are there loads of transphobic cis folk? Duh–

Are there loads of transphobic trans folk? More than

Anyone would like to admit.

So far I have bonded the strongest with

Cis women, when I was a cis woman, and

Cis men, now that I am a passing trans man.

Nonbinary people on the internet? I haven’t ever met them

IRL, to the point where it’s like

I don’t think most of them are actually even doing anything

Once they leave their apartments.

When I was between genders physically people stared at me

With reckless abandon, and

Lesbians were the most aggressive.

To this day the only people

Who have misgendered me to my face

Are gay men.

I’m starting to think that perhaps

My true allies

Are everyone else, anyone who is willing

To be honest and open.

Anyone who is willing to see my masculinity

As something that I enjoy having.

As long as cis hetero men are the enemy,

This trans hetero man is gonna have a hard time

Finding “community” anywhere as his authentic self, so

Lately I’ve decided

I’m going to be as closeted as I can be,

Just to give myself the peace

I finally deserve.

Ya’ll enjoy doing whatever the fuck you want to on this earth,

Just keep your grease out of my dirt.

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