Cis Men Microdose Testosterone To Lose Weight– Why Wouldn’t Others Be Doing The Same

I take full strength HRT prescribed by an

Endocrinologist and it’s about the same

As a microdose that people give themselves

With black market hormones, or even

What they convince their doctor to prescribe them

To help them lose weight and put on muscle

Yep, that’s right–

The majority of people who take testosterone

Are cis men with low levels

Same way the majority of people who take estrogen

Are cis women with low levels, or cis women

Who take an estrogen-based birth control (there are other kinds as well. Yes– BC is estrogen)

This also means that people who take steroids

Are often injecting themselves with the same stuff I take

Cis men take “microdoses” of testosterone to help boost their levels and lose weight

I find it hard to believe

That afab people microdosing t

Aren’t in it for the same thing

A lot of lesbians I know are

Incredibly fatphobic

Honestly the LGBTQAI+ community

Leaves the F out on purpose


Not much else to say, I will just leave this here, however

A lot of the people I see blogging about their

Microdosed HRT are more obsessed with their body weight

Than they are their transition.

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