Getting ready to jump off that cliff.

I’ve prepped so much

I know this cliff,

This cliff knows me.

It’s heard of me, but isn’t impressed.

I will show you, cliff.

I will show you how far I jump.

You will see me, leaping.

Falling, dying,

Hoping, soaring

The usual.

This cliff broke me before,

Very thoroughly.

Legs, arms, back, neck, spine

Worst of all–my mind

I think the cliff expects me to worry.

It thinks it is very steep,

Very rocky,

Very unstable. It’s a scary cliff!

But when something breaks you over and over and over and over again

At some point, you get up, put your bones back in place, and start climbing back up to the top

Fuck you, cliff!

Watch me as I run and jump–

You think this heart is scared of you?

You are just some dumpy-ass hill.

I’m a cliff jumper, it’s what I do.

I jump cliffs,

and I prepare for them too.

My heart knows you, cliff.

Hold my spliff,

Bout to run off this shit.

Cuz I’m a cliff jumper

I run, I jump,

and I don’t care about how high

And I sure as shit don’t care if I land.

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