Climbing Everest Everyday / Trans Sherpa

Being trans is like

Trying to climb Everest


Seeing all the landmarks

Along your way—

Knowing you might be

A bit insane, and doing it

Because if you don’t, you’ll

Sit at the base of the mountain

Wondering “what-if”

Until the end of your days.

Being trans is like trying to climb Everest

Every single fucking day and

Honestly, since top surgery—

I feel like I made it to third base.

First base camp was name change,

Second was HRT,

Rounding up to the third with top surgery —

I’ve still got loads more trail to travel

But the sights I’ve seen so far are incredible!

Problem is, even if I make it to the top

I may never feel high enough—

I would stand at the precipice and

Look up into the sky, wondering

“How can I get to that?”

And then perhaps get interested

In space travel.

So— knowing myself

And my tendencies

I’ve decided to become a sort of

Trans Sherpa.

I’ll walk along, talk about

Everything that happens, give you

Any bit of advice or assistance I can—

Help carry the load whenever possible,

Be an ass, make you laugh—

But at the end of the day —

It’s Everest.

A most dangerous, most deadly mountain.

I can’t promise you anything

Other than what I’ve already dealt with,

Tips on where I’ve already been—

The journey is your own, it can’t be


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