C’mon Elliot Page– Tell Us Your Secrets… Or Is It Not Okay To Come Out As Enhanced…?

Ain’t no way is this motherfucker’s

Abs and pecs real.

After top surgery you’re supposed to


For sure he had less to chop than

Some, but still folks–

Ain’t no amount of movie marathon

Give you abs for days and pectorals

In a place where you just had your

Flesh removed…!


Hey, I’m not hating–

I’m just stating


  1. The motherfucker is a movie star with male body image being thrust down his throat
  2. Ain’t no way does anybody get abs like that without moving their arms…

Am I mad?

Am I hating?

Nope– just wish that

Transparency was something

Someone valued besides me–

An anonymous loudmouth on the internet

With a one-pack and

Much bigger, much stronger

Much more natural pecs than that.

How’d I get them? Glad you asked!

Moving, lifting, playing, and

The genetics of a brown bear

Mixed with some French asshat.

Some examples of things you can do with

Abs that are different shades of lying:

Gender Discussion #8 | Page 36 | Tattle Life
no surgery, just makeup
Ab Etching Before and After
From the article I linked below– one year post op abdominal etching and breast reduction.


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