“Coconut Fantasy” Gets Songified

I am obsessed with Valentina and I couldn’t help myself.

Also so shoot me I get inspired by literally fucking everything. I think it is a good way to be. I love everything, most days. Except, of course, the days that I hate everything. I’m passionate.

Good for me not for you, fine fine; I’m living for myself. I’ll shut up now, and instead post a song about being self-absorbed. You know, as an alternative to displaying it here.


This is a SUPER-DUPER rough draft.

What is a super-duper rough draft, Becky?

Glad you asked!

It means I haven’t done anything at all to it.

I didn’t edit, I didn’t do more than one take, I didn’t put it through an amp, I didn’t autotune it, I didn’t do fucking ANYTHING TO IT. No noise reduction, no nothin. Didn’t like, make cool filters where I make the melody voice stand out more. Didn’t like, make it sound like a UFO, or like someone elses’ disguised voice. None of it. No like, extra dynamics. No manufactured fade-outs, no fancy bullshits. No bass-droppin’

It is literally just guitar sound from a cable. I guess it has been mixed by the guitar electronics. That used to be considered enough. LMAO.

nothing at all

this file is the digital music edition of subway performance.

one take, no filters, just a faint smell of piss leveled by an overwhelming confidence mixed with talent and desperation.

Here is a link to the original poem aka the lyrics. There aren’t actual vocals (yet?). This is a super rough draft, as I said. There is a lot more that is going to happen to this song. TBD


I’ve been working on like, five songs. It’s bad. I work on the one I am the most interested in, this one is very interesting to me right now. Stay tuned, stay patient.

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