Coconut Fantasy

Coconut Fantasy REVISED

–by Becky WTGH


I am delusional

I live in a coconut fantasy

Inside my coconut,

I am living.

I live for all of it!

I live for everything,

Everything I see moves me to tears

They want to gawk at me, but I laugh;

others are consumed by their fears.


I am so beautiful

I see beauty everywhere I go

Life is so magical,

we are so blessed.

We should be purposeful,

with our love.

We are so terrible, sometimes

You reap what you sow–

plants grow on their own.


I wish you were with me,

here and now

I wanted to tell you that


If we were together I might

set my pride aside

Tell you I love you, wish you


Instead I had to write a song,

for you to apologize

It made me feel better,

I made my own heart sing.

Now, my coconut head is spinning

I need to write down all the melodies

before the delusion ends.


We are delusional–

You are everything I need

Criminal fantasy,

true crime, indeed.

Help me write a song

to describe how I feel

Tell me I’m beautiful,

tell me I’m inspiring,

tell me I’m good at something.

I would love to see you,

in your awe.

I am your biggest fan, you see!

I love everything, equally–

we are all the same.

All is wonder, all is majesty;

All is love, and all is me.

*Everything I see moves me to tears*



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