Cold Pitch / Fate / Seeing Red / Heartbroken and The R Word

I have thought of you and that

Stupid red

Formal ish casual tank top

On that fucking random trail

In the middle of paradise

Every fucking night

As I close my eyes

Every fucking night

At what point am I betraying myself

Not just calling you, cold

And pitching myself

One last time, just for

Old times sake. You live and die

Once each time, I need to know I tried

To get the one thing in this world I enjoyed

Making you laugh and wondering

How it is that

Every single step I took to meet you

Took all my might and all my courage

And how it is that

I’m not supposed to see you

As fate intended, every single night

Before I close my eyes

No matter where you are in the world

When you left you took

A lot out of me because I put

All of the most beautiful treasures

Into your hands and I would leave them

By your door and hope and pray that you would

Come upstairs but now I’m just

A miserable bastard, alone with everyone who loves him

Pushed out to sea because I can’t muster up the courage

To admit to myself

That I see red every single night

Though I don’t live in paradise

I miss you and I’ve spent

Every minute since we parted

Heartbroken and retarded

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