Come Easy, Shit

It shouldn’t be scandalous

For me to say

“I’m a transgender man, I am

Also female”

It’s a fucking fact, ya’ll.

I can’t get anyone pregnant without

Spending a few thousand dollars.

I also can’t walk into the women’s restroom

Without scaring everyone.

If I had decided not to transition

I would just be a miserable person,

Probably a terf or something lame and boring,

Passing as neither and missing everything in life–

Hiding away in my house and crying, the only thing

I felt comfortable doing. Now I am confidently moving through society

Achieving and reflecting calmly without much desire

To lock myself up and throw away the key.

I completely understand

Why it might take someone

60-80 years to realize they are transgender

It took me about 30, and I’m supposedly

From the “new generation”

No matter how much progress

Trans rights make, nothing will ever make it

Easier to realize that you aren’t

Who you were meant to be.

That shit just doesn’t come easy.

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