Complete Nonsense / MAI af

I swear to god folks

It’s like I’m trans price charming

Reborn in the crusades

Fighting some fight for some church

Deserting and fleeing in the bush

Just for the hell of it.

It’s like each dose of hormones I take

Makes me some sort of angry

Self loathing hate filled

Queer fucker warrior with absolutely

No plan to get his shit together.

Scatter brained and hairs raised

Sometimes I think

If I had been born a man

I’d be gay at first

So drenched in self loathing

And eventually

I’d find some butch lesbian

Announce I’m bisexual and

Never touch a dick again.

I dunno if that means

I’d be different, or if

No matter what time or place or body I was born in

I’d be mad about it af, struggling to make sense of it.

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