Many self-identifying intersectional feminists

Seem to forget

The fat clause

On purpose.

They’re like–

Race, gender, sex, class, orientation–

These things have an extra element

That compounds discrimination

If someone is a

Person of Color, who is queer, who is trans

They experience things

A straight cis white person doesn’t.

Not a lot of disagreement with this sentiment.

And yet,

If you say

I’m fat, I’m queer–that

Compounds my discrimination–

I experience things

Non-obese people do not

I experience things

Non-obese queers do not

The response is–

Fucking lose weight

You bitchy, whiny idiot.

It seems to me that

The most important element, for the

Elements to matter, is that

They have to be on your instagram feed

With some vague, far-reaching concept

That doesn’t actually effect the subject

In a viral story that ended

Years ago.

The interest is in the performance, the ideal–

Never anything real.

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