Conception Conception

I’m like—

I want to have kids.

Then it’s like—


I can’t.

Yes I can ?!?

I’m perfectly fertile just

Not in the way I want

God sucks sometimes I swear

She is a sick fuck.

I know adoption is

What the world needs but

What I need

Is someone related to me

Who can prove me wrong

About everything.

That’s what I’ve heard

Kids do, and let me tell you—

I am interested in that experience.

I am interested

In going broke because of

Baseball camp.

I am ready

For the next stage in my life

The next stage in my writing

The part where I write about


And us, and my thoughts, and all the ways

I cope with the experience.

I am almost to the point

Where it’s like

I’ll even just have sex the old fashioned way

Just to save some money—

I want to make sure my kid

Has a shot in hell with anything, and

I don’t know how that’s gonna work out

If I spend all of my money just trying to

Conceive of them.

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