Confidence Gap/Ain’t No Solutions In A War Against Your Sister

At the core of what Buck Angel and all these

Sad sad trucusmmers are screaming about is that

They don’t think it’s a disadvantage

To grow up male.

They are jealous as fuck

There is a confidence gap between

Men and women and

It perpetuates itself with

Gender differences and

Instead of saying— hey

We don’t need this shit

They scream and whine about how they have to deal with

Taking out the garbage.

It fucking sucks doesn’t it?

Men are mean as hell they don’t care about

Anyones mental health except their own and

Even that gets trashed as a norm.

Must be tough to choose to be a man

In a world where they are the overlord, the enemy

And yet have the confidence of a little dyke baby.

I get that man, trust me.

Just ain’t no solution to start a war

Against your sister, yet again

I get that man, trust me.

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