Consent is Sexy

Reflections on sex

I love your body,

I think about you, carnally.

Oftentimes I think of things

That make my brain feel bad.

I would be concerned, I’m sure it’s

Not as bad as I think.

I’m sure others are much more perverse

I’m certain I’m a catch, a steal

Not some jackass perv, raw deal.

I have a history of saying shit

Recklessly, carelessly.

I black out, phase out. Sometimes I

Say stuff that makes milk curdle.

But honestly, the more I think–

The more I doubt.

Is what I’m saying sour,

Or are people garbage,

homophobic, afraid of

Looking in the shower?

Who am I to speculate

Just a Phoenix in a locked cage

I guess I’m a pervert

That’s what they say

I’ve heard things from men that make me

Wish I had more killer instinct.

I’ve seen men do things that make me

Want to make huge generalizations about them.

Perhaps when they cry insanity

When really what they see

Is a reflection of who they wish they could be

If they’d only been brave

Courageous, sexy, and

A little more of a pervert.

At the end of the day,

I want to die cumming

Does that qualify me

As some sort of sex maniac?

I think

That if I were born with a dick

People would think I was funny

Not just funny

Like, really funny.

Oh and probably virile, strong

Voraciously sexy.

But instead I’m this awkward dyke lady

Who daydreams about fucking

All day, everyday.

I would feel guilty, but

I’m just so fucking horny

I used to not feel anything

I used to not cum

I used to just feel shame, pain

Sadness for eternity

Now I just really wanna fuck

All the fucking time

Party like its bam bam bam

Thank you them

Why do I feel awful?

Why can’t I just be horny

And not procrastinate?

Why does that make my queer ass

Somehow less moral,

Less responsible,

More extra, more more


Too much, I guess.

Oh wow. Very off topic.

Anyway, consent is very, very sexy.

I am not into it unless consent is the first brick,

The basis of all of it.

I don’t understand people who blur consent

I can’t appreciate the appeal

Of taking what isn’t yours.

It’s not fun

Acquiring shit

It’s meaningless

Unless that shit cares about you back

So why take it, without consent?

I don’t understand.

The thing I understand the least about all the bigotry

Is how my desires, to worship

To please another woman,

A female-bodied person,

Are somehow less than what I’ve been hearing

All these guys go on about.

Goddamnit. Mostly just boo

Boo to all this shit

I’m so pissed about all of it.

So horny, so gay,

So very far away.

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