Conservative Media Is Having A Heyday With Jazz Jennings’ Weight Gain

Least surprising thing on the internet, arguably.

Should be titled

“Journalist trolls woman on the internet and

Shames, kicks, and belittles her weight issues

With oversimplification and the insinuation

That she can’t stop eating fast food—

All so that said journalist

Can use it as proof

Of how unhealthy and unnatural—

The transgender “ideology” is, and how it

Is not an identity but rather

A new age experiment that destroys

Your health and your sanity.

I can’t wait

For the take on this shit

From garbage suckers like uppercunt mars—

I bet they’ll all pile on

Desperately sucking up the last little trickle

Or clickbait clout

From the transphobes who justify

All types of harassment

In the name of “health”—

Not to mention the idiots like Buck Angel

Who will see this as progress

All because they get more likes

On their fucking self-loathing, transphobe loving twitters.


Not a single person cares about Jazz Jennings

Not her health not her life not her story

They only care about using it as an example

Of why “tranny liberals are fucking crazy”

Yeah, okay…

I’d rather be whatever you think I am than

As callous and as dead as it would take

To make a clickbait story out of someone for gaining weight after surgery

If these conservatives are all Christian than

I guess Heaven is gonna be a private beach

For me, and Jazz, and anyone else

Who knows how to at least fake being nice.

2 Replies to “Conservative Media Is Having A Heyday With Jazz Jennings’ Weight Gain”

  1. ACountryBoy

    People do not understand that one can be depressed and transgender and the two could have nothing to do with each’s like being depressed and diabetic. No one ever thinks they are connected.

    • Mad About It

      Yup. Or that you can be super obese and not have diabetes, high blood pressure or binge eating disorder. Or that you can be fat, and trans, and for all your problems to be separate. It only makes it easier to judge someone faster

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