Contempt Makes Better Clickbait

Contempt makes better clickbait

Nobody wants

Sane, balanced, nuanced information

That shit is like doing

A research paper to these idiots—

They want sensation in their information

They need it to have some sort of

Bump otherwise

What’s the point of reading it?

Even if

All the doctors finally came out

And admitted

That plenty of obese people

Are healthy and active as-is

It wouldn’t be clickable

It wouldn’t be contemptuous

You wouldn’t get a bump or a hit

In the funny part of your brain

When you read it—

So it’s garbage

Lmfao people don’t even know

How much they don’t know —

That’s the whole problem

None of us are exempt

From asshole-dom, and yet

The woker these folks get

The harder it is to get

Anyone to listen.

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