I can tell that my period is about to start

Because I’ve been crying

About everything


I saw a part of my bathroom floor

That I hadn’t noticed before

And I thought to myself

The generations of floors

Supporting their people

Whether it be for good

Or for evil

Then I thought about how I couldn’t wait

To grow old

With my partner

And whatever floors we have

And how long we will have known

Each other for

The fucking floors, y’all.

The fucking floor

That was 7am

Since then

I’ve cried a dozen times more

Now it’s 2:07

And I’m writing a poem

Because I’m bleeding a ton

And my point is proven

I only really cry once a month

And when I do

It’s a sign from above

That I’m about to hemorrhage

A generation or two

Bleeding for five women

Hormones out of whack

Since I was seven

Had armpit hair and

A little neck beard when I was


They said my periods will stop

Soon, since the

Hormones will put me

Out of whack

But more in the direction

That I’d rather be headed.

Lmao not sure what it

Makes me, but

They call me sir now

Only at the clinic.


P.S. I think of my period blood as my gender fluid does that make me an asshole

1. Yes

2. No

3. Gross

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