Crypto/Big Picture


I don’t know everything about crypto, I don’t know much at all


I do know

That if you bough a bunch of crypto

This time last year, give or take a few months, weeks, or years

And now you’re bitching–

About the fallout

It’s because you missed the boat already.

Ya’ll I see so much shit

That hates on crypto

For no reason. Honestly like

Go ahead! Hate it, shit on it. more for me.

You might as well be timestamping

When you bought your binance shares

IDGAF about that article you read

about how much of a scam cryptocurrency is

Ya’ll missed it

Again, and again, and again, and for whatever reason

Didn’t notice the same patterns

As the last time. See, it all matches up

It all adds up, and there is an economy growing

Under our feet. Catch up, catch on

Or shut up– again, idgaf

It’s just annoying

How trendy cancelling is.

Is there a lull? Duh– there have always been

Sometimes it feels like

Big picture thinkers

Are the hardest to meet.

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