Daphne Dorman Is Dead So She Can’t Speak For Herself About Any Of This Bullshit

Daphne Dorman’s Instagram



Here’s the deal folks

I hate it

When people put words in dead people’s mouths

Doesn’t matter if it’s halloween season

Ya’ll are fucking gross.

Everyone is claiming they know

Daphne Dorman the best, and yet

The comedienne killed herself

With the world not getting her jokes.


^^this article? From 2019.

Back when nobody cared lmfao

Now we have to sit here and keep listening

To the opportunistic lunatics

Dancing on the grave of someone

They never liked in the first place, all while

Pointing fingers at Dave Chappelle

Insisting that people like him are to blame–

When will it be time, where will be the place

For trans people to talk about their own issues

Without the cis gaze being the enemy,

Why is it that we always assume

Trans people are friendly, healthy, well-adjusted

When the truth is so very few of any of us are,

The most privileged among us get to insist

That they are never, ever at fault.

At some point, people will know

What I’m talking about. The

Appropriation of queer rage is

More than a bit of an insult.

God help me if I die and ya’ll misunderstand

To the extent that ya’ll did this fucking circumstance–

Not all trans people agree with each other–

Not all queer people are friends.

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