Dark Chocolate is Patronizing

I know for some

It’s quality

And I know for some

It’s thoughtful

I know for some it’s

Preferred, and others

It’s devoured

But, personally–

I find dark chocolate, quite


I also disagree that

It is better than

Other chocolates

White chocolate is–

Not really chocolate,

To me.

It is made with

Cocoa butter,


Dark chocolate,

As a gift

Is worse!

Even, than “chocolate”

That doesn’t even have cocoa

In it.

Still, the alternative–

Almost entirely cocoa–

Is outrageous, and honestly


Might as well go ahead and say

You should watch your


Milkfat has

Cholesterol, and

Milk chocolate is pleasurable

Maybe you ought to be

Denied that.

Sorry, not sorry

Milk chocolate is fucking incredible!

Someone gave it to me as a gift

For Easter

“By accident”, they said

I said

“Hey man, no worries! Milk chocolate

Is preferable!”

They looked at me like I was

Made of hershey’s kisses

Goddamn, bitches

Sorry that I like to

Experience bliss

Goddamn, bitches!!

Dark chocolate is patronizing

Milk chocolate is an actual treat

If I’m gonna have

A fucking dessert

I want it to fucking please me

I want to be like

“goddamn, bitches!”

This the best thing I ate

In weeks, months,

Since last fucking Easter”

G*D**(YS*H( BI8TH298HS

I won’t even

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