Dating Apps/Unaccompanied

Hilarious shit.

I’m a bit addicted but also


One chick was so weird and overtly sexual I was

So confused I legitimately just asked her

Why she was behaving in such a way but

Very indirectly

And she froze so hard I don’t even know she just deflected

But then I sent her a pic of some

Skyline chili I made myself

And I haven’t heard from her since 🤣🫣😅

Best decision I ever made.

Then there was this other girl that I ended up talking to about

How the horse racing industry kills injured horses

For insurance money

And I haven’t heard from her either 🤣😂😅😙

But there is one person who seems really dope and

They are gender-fluid and

They get my jokes. They don’t think

It’s weird that I work

And they have a trans brother …?

Double score.

I don’t want to get married but I also don’t want

To be lonely at night

With all this love and all this passion

Just seems silly to let me bask in my own glory


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