Dave Chappelle Cont./The Difference Between A TERF and a Transphobe/The Audience Loved It

I just I dunno folks

I watched the whole special

I thought it was pretty tasteless

To joke about a dead friend, but

Comedians do worse things than that all the time

I’m still failing to understand

What Dave Chappelle said

About trans people

That was so offensive

I suppose he didn’t make

Any fat jokes, so in that way

Some people might be angry

And think he’s too progressive…

I think

The difference between

A TERF and a transphobe

Is the person you’re talking to

Why is it that

Jokes about trans people

Are mostly at the expense

Of trans women?

In this case,

It’s because Dave Chappelle

Has a problem with women.

Especially ones he isn’t

Trying to fuck– welcome to the club!

Being a socially ‘undesirable’ woman fucking sucks

Sometimes it feels like

Trans women are mostly appalled

With the contrast between their worth

And the way the world treats them.

If that isn’t a better description of womanhood,

I don’t know what is.

I didn’t enjoy some of the jokes, same way

I didn’t enjoy Clifford the big red…

Or the Jew joke in the first 20 minutes,

Or when he responded to his misogyny with

“I hate those damn bitches”

But I have to agree, with one thing he said

So much so that I don’t even care

If it costs me my head,

Nobody listens!

Nobody listens.

Empathy is a two way street and

Nobody cares to treat it that way, they want empathy

To be about something they have

That others don’t, something they provide

That others don’t, and honestly

Dave Chappelle isn’t going to take a step

Towards the middle, not even for

His dead friend. So why would

Anyone else be expected

To listen to this, and take it as anything more

Than one stand-up special, now being

Thrown to PEAK popularity

By the nonstop cancelling.

This grain of sand is now

Gritting and slowly turning the

Whole engine into ruin

I can’t believe

People want to cancel it, considering

How much each one of those jokes landed–

Any attempt to silence this show

Throws gas on the fire, let the man

Exit quietly, don’t shout fire in a theater

That crowded–

Ya’ll, we are in the minority

The audience was dying.

If a single critic screaming

“Transphobia” had considered the point

He was trying to make, they might have realized

Cancelling the thing is exactly the response

That makes the jokes land harder

For the folks who want nothing to do

With us, in any way shape or form.

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