Dave Chappelle: The Closer– Was Heartfelt, Vulnerable and Amazing and Honestly I Don’t Think People Watched It Before They Cancelled It

A live poweet

Of Dave Chappelle’s special: The Closer

On Netflix, if you haven’t heard of it

From everywhere else on the internet.

Right now, as I’m typing

It is No. 3 in the US on Netflix

So far he says the n word a lot and

Then he made a joke about

Cumming on a preacher’s face as a kid

Which honestly like, is hilarious.

Then he made a

Doubly-racist entendre about

Coronavirus I’d rather not repeat–

Now he’s talking about UFO’s!

If you follow the poems you already know–

I don’t believe in UFO’s oh wow okay

Now it’s a Jew joke ! Ba-boom!

K now I see why he has to talk about

Trans people– he’s just

Going down the list

Of things he deems

“A comedian’s responsibility to tell”

Ahh okay so it’s his last special

Because he’s like

“Fuck all ya’ll I’m done with all this shit

I’m burning every last bridge tryna

Directly address

The LGBTQ’s I’ve spent so many moments

Trying to repress my urge to maim–

Emotionally or otherwise”

LMFAO The Baby did some shit

And now he’s like

“I’m gonna have a Netflix special where I make

More AIDs jokes”

Okay now lmfao he’s explaining

The Baby shot and killed somebody in Walmart–

This set up is actually hilarious

The newer gays lmfao

Old school gays are dope I agree

Stonewall shoutout is like yep

Lmfao gloryholes

Very honest and true points about white gays

Lmfao oh my god this story about the lesbian he beat up

I am dying

This is horrible

If I’m mistaken this all happened

Because he refused to stop hitting

On her girlfriend

Lmfao wow oh jesus

You should chill ! Yes, Ohio is so chill.


I am dead

Oh my god ya’ll

At this point he has insulted and threatened

Absolutely everyone with death

~~a hell yeah


To this feminism bit!

I suppose this is where you follow up

With some contrast lmfao

Ope, there it is!

This black comedy writer friend sounds ridiculous

And very rich lmfao

Ahhhh this tear gas joke is very good

They are being gassed, in all the BLM marches

Don’t worry dude! He’s right about all of it

Crocheted pussy hats are in fact counter-productive and


The performative inaction of

The feminist movement is more than a bit suspect.

LMFAO this male leader bit

Fucking hilarious

I’m dead

This is quite literally being a pimp

Yup back to square one. lmfao I’m dead.

Oh man here it comes!

The cancellation of the times.

LMFAO I am dead

This is hilarious

Plural pronoun joke on point

Ahh so

There is quite a bit of supportive intent

With this bathroom bill sanity.

This fucking hilarious backing up joke

This is fucking hilarious

Oh man I bet all the

Trans man vets are pissing themselves at this joke

Transgender jokes in Oakland sound like a bad idea

100% of the time

Oh man

Each person that cancels this

Propels it to the exact place

He intended for it to be pushed

Rude Ohio joke come on now

Oh no this material is not as funny

Getting kinda boring and mean

Kinda “old guy at the party”

Lmfao oh man the 1980’s gay face

“What might you mean, bitch?”

I can’t fucking deal with this

Clapping hands omfg

Transylvania lmfao I’m slain~~

Important to mention that

Trans people have existed for as long as

Humans have been around.

Trans black people were captured as slaves

Just the same way he’s rewriting history and

Leaving the bits he doesn’t “know about” (like) out

Undeniably though the angry woke left doesn’t listen

To anybody else’s anything

Oh man this take on TERF’s is hilarious

Problem is– being trans is


Lmao you’ve been a feminist for all of like

Fifteen minutes.

LMFAO make up words to win arguments PROVE HIM WRONG LMFAO

Team TERF is a whack team

Thanks so much for coining the term

Caitlyn Jenner as woman of the year is quite something

LMFAO Eminem

Rude but true joke

Beyond pussy/Impossible pussy omfg

This hearty endorsement of his

Trans comedienne friend Daphne

Is very admirable

Lmfao transphobic guy still thinks she looks nice

Bombed for 45 minutes straight lmfao

Lmfao I don’t have carpets I have hardwood floors

It is a human experience

It does take one to know one

Lmfao the standing ovation was for her bravery

Her authenticity and her courage

You fucking dipshit

LMFAO oh my god you are funny


The contrast is his comedy style folks

Punches lines

That is true

I am honestly blown away

I loved this I’m literally crying

LMFAO the trans community

The trans community is a hostile cult

His friend Daphne killed herself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of the trans community

This contrast was very very poorly timed.

Daphne would’ve loved that joke

It’s true, and I think this story is

Unbearably vulnerable

Oh man Anderson Cooper is faster than google

A trust fund for her daughter


I’m literally crying

Oh my god I knew your father and he was a wonderful woman

Empathy !!!!

Is not gay.

Empathy must go both ways.

Heartstrings tho man

Yes please stop punching down

On his people

RIP Daphne



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