Delivery Culture/Wild, Wild West

I have real beef with

Delivery culture.

I wish that people would recognize

That loads and loads of jobs

Without insurance or benefits

And low wages

Doesn’t help anyone out of

Any situation, besides a

Temporary one, which is still not

Tremendously helpful. Anyway–

I don’t think that the solution

Should be to have

Lots and lots and lots and lots

Of freelance labor delivery jobs

And delivery culture

Where people get their

Groceries and their meals

Delivered in packaged kits

It’s so fucking wasteful like

I don’t understand how you can’t

See the boxes piling up at the door

Please stop having

Life delivered to you, I wish you would

Just pass some goddamn legislation

That made it so that

I could buy groceries and

Not worry about getting

Shot, or drive home or

Be in my house

Playing video games with my kid and then

Get shot in the head, like Atatiana Jefferson did

Or Botham Jean

Or any of the people who went to that

Country music concert in Vegas

Or fucking

Anybody anywhere in America

Trying to survive in the

Wild, wild west.

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