We have to stop perpetuating the narrative

Of fat people being in denial about their weight.

I simply can’t believe that anybody, besides perhaps

Recently overweight people, could be capable

Of being in denial of their own body.

It is quite simply impossible to be obese

And be in denial of your weight.

You are living with a daily reality that cannot be denied

If you dare ask for accommodation,

You are denied that, instead.

Who is in denial about what, and when?

I used to live life as a fat woman, but

As a man I am still constantly being critiqued

By strangers eyes in public. I don’t see much of a difference.

So far, at least. People are nicer about it now

Which is weird as fuck, honestly.

You would think that society would be nicer

To fat women about their weight, but

In my experience the opposite has been true

Also men’s clothing goes up into all sorts of sizes

At most major retailers I mean, damn. Anyway–

All things considered

I don’t think it’s possible to be in denial about being obese.

It does seem easy to be in denial about what that means, at least

From an outsider’s perspective.

None of you seem to have a single bit of a clue

About anything besides what you’ve recently googled.

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