Detail Orientation

I like to think of myself as a

Detail-oriented person.

I am a bit meticulous

In my own right.

Particular, persistent

Downright intimidating at times

Only ever by accident.


I like to notice something

About someone else

That others haven’t.

I like to make people feel

Special, as if their life


I like to pretend as if

Everyone has love to give

That sharing is caring,

Plenty of romantic daydreams, and

Other fairy tales


The only people I meet like me are

Waiters, nurses, actresses

You know,

The ones that are paid to be nice

To put on their happy face,

Let the love shine from their happy place

Cash tip on the table, is

Preferable to genuine friendships and

Lovers quarrels

I’d be a therapist but

I’d never charge


I just want the love I was

Denied as a child

Is that too much to ask, as

One person in this

Overpopulated world?

I just wish people would let me love


And love me in return

A simple “hello” would suffice

It isn’t too much

It might be more fun, even

Than watching the world burn

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