Detransition Stories/Tesla Self-Driving Documentary Parallels

Imagine shopping for a car

And basing all of your decision

On how bad the last guy’s crash was.

I get it— there are

Safety ratings but —

To obsess over detransition stories

Is to stare at car crashes and ask

The passengers

“How was your drive?” Afterwards.

People make

All sorts of incredibly stupid decisions

They regret later in life

People also just

Don’t know how to drive. Also—

The legal driving age where I grew up

Was 15 for cars and

Most people let their kids drive tractors

When they’re 11-12

I have a photo of myself driving one as a six year old!

People are out there on a mix of drugs

So thick you’d be amazed they are still alive

Let alone driving—

I’m so tired of these detransition stories

Like they mean more than the average user —

It’s like the Tesla documentary—

Yeah, he over pitched the capabilities

And yeah— you shouldn’t let your car

Drive itself based on cameras alone

Damn this is even more parallel to transitioning than I thought when I started writing this poem


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