Dexter: New Blood/Alternate Endings

Spoiler Alert—

If that shit was a book I would’ve

Set it on fire and thrown it out my window.


So many problems

So many inconsistencies

Why didn’t they hire me instead I don’t even

This whole “no experience on my resume—

No idea what I’d be doing” thing just doesn’t fucking hold up—

Here are all the ways

It should have ended

Besides the way it did.

Ending no. 1–

Dexter tells Chief Bishop about Kurt and then

He waits in his cell patiently

For a plea bargain.

Logan lives, Harrison still lives with

Dexter, and season 2 is in the making.

Ending no. 2

Dexter tells the chief Bishop about Kurt then

He knocks Logan unconscious

Steals the keys, escapes—

Harrison confronts him—

The rest of the ending happens except

Harrison decides not to kill him

Because he sees how flawed the code is

And instead rises above his dark past and his

Dark trauma, teaches Dexter a lesson

And he either escapes, gets imprisoned, or

Dies/is murdered by Harrison trying to escape.

Ending no. 3

Logan dies, Dexter escapes

Harrison kills him

Everything happens as stupidly as it did

But at the end

Chief Bishop doesn’t just fucking

Make Harrison go on the run

In a stolen car without a license, a home

A future, or a fucking plan in anyway shape or form!!!


She just fucking adopts him.

How hard was that to conceptualize

He killed him in self defense and

Ain’t no way would somebody convict

The teenage killer of the bar harbor butcher.

Anywho it was





I wish someone had asked me, alas

They didn’t.

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