Dialogue, Change?/Infrastructure

Imagine how much broader the dialogue would be

If more people came out as non-binary

And said

“I’m non-binary and my pronouns

Are the same. I just want to say

That I believe that sex and gender are

Two different things, and that

I’ve never felt that strongly committed

To the gender I was born as”

Just left it at that–

No selfies, no pronouns, no gatekeeping–

No expectation to mix-present, no

Connotation with the desire to transition–

Just talking.

How many more people

Would be at the party?


When I think of it this way it’s clear to me that

Only queer identifying people

Are brave enough to come out, under an umbrella

That’s already too small to cover everyone in it.

Solution– either get more umbrellas, or

Get more friends, build a roof–

It lasts longer.


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