Dick and Balls !!!!

I don’t have a dick and balls.

I spent most of my life

Trying to figure out

What the fuck I’m supposed to do

Given that

All I want to do

Is use my dick and balls

To help start a family and

Contribute to the world.

You don’t need

A dick and balls

To contribute to the world

But when you see yourself

As a big man

With big goals

And a big dick

With big balls

It kinda matters

No matter what you tell yourself.

It also matters

No matter how many times

You remind yourself

“I was born a certain way—

I have to make the best with what I’ve got”

Which unfortunately


Does not include

A dick and balls.

The only tools

From the kit

I really really want to use.

I love my new hands

Love my new skin

Even after all the ringworm and shit

I love my beard I love

My belly hair

But each time I go to the bathroom

In this world, in this setup

In the infrastructure that exists—

I am reminded

That I need to sit


I don’t have a dick and balls—

And I’ll be damned if I don’t know it.

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