Perhaps my issue is at the core not even

Fat issues not even trans issues but rather just

Having issues at all.

I often feel as if I can’t even bitch

Despite being one, and transitioning through it

When will it be time for trans people

To talk about their truths as something other than

How they feel about how they look.

Each part of my transition has been

Blinded by the enormity of feeling I experience,

Never did any of this

To change the way I look, I wanted to transition

To change the world’s perception of me, as

Being perceived as a woman is not the same

As being perceived as a man.

For whatever reason, this sends some people

Into a frenzy. The ones who have experienced

The least distress, so they say

Are the most upset when I talk about

The differences.

Maybe not all stories

Are yours to tell.

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