Disgusting, Disturbing Imagery

I find it weird and suspicious

When queer people speak

So confidently and

So arrogantly

About issues that they

Neighbor, but don’t necessarily

Live in.

I also find it really strange

That someone can make

“Educational videos”

People like Chase Ross

People like Jaimie Dodger

People like


^insert random NB identifying instagrammer


Beaming, even

Into the camera

Unable to explain

Their educational material

In any way besides one

That involves their face

That centers around

Their looks, as their

Primary gender expression

When I talk about

The heart of transphobia

Being misogyny—

I cannot smile

It is not cheerful

I’m not happy and

I wouldn’t film it

Largely due to the fact

That my face

And my body

Are completely unimportant

In the discussion of gender identity

And yet

The only resources

Anyone takes seriously

Are the resources that center around

How trans bodies look

And how you can change your appearance—

What kinda of surgeries you can get,

Which medications work the best—

All with the goal of looking

A certain way.

Why am I the only one

Who finds this disgusting ?

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