Division In The Trans Community Is Mostly A Class Divide

Sums up basically all the problems.

Rich trans people get surgery and hormones

Whether their doctors prescribe them or not.

Poor trans people struggle for access to

Healthcare at all.

Rich trans people go to college and

Learn about neopronouns and

The multitude of gender identities and

The chromosomal variations of sex—

Not all trans people do that. Rich or poor it matters not

You can also just be rich and

Stupid as fuck or poor and

Read a lot. All of what you learn in college

Is guided readings, discussions and lectures

Many of which are available for free on the internet.

When I started this podcast and blog

My original goal was to educate and provide

The things I learned in my primo education

For everybody.

Problem is —

People don’t want to learn

What they don’t know.

Only people I talk to are

Folks that either

1. Wish they were still in gender studies (like me, hey everybody)

2. Are currently in it and want me to help them on their exams lmfao NOT kidding

Problem is I’m actually making this

About my life as I live it

Which some people have found disappointing lmfao

Tell me about it folks

Anyway I feel bad because like

Upperhand mars and Buck Angel

And all these high school trans angst bullshitters

Age irrelevant

All the haters are just

People who can’t or won’t or don’t understand

Subtly, nuance, other peoples perspective

Things you learn living with roommates and going to class.

It’s just a fact.

Do I have stupid faggot friends wkrh masters degrees who can’t buy their own pants?

Of course! Goes both ways

But it does feel almost

Supervillain of me

To pick on some hick from Oklahoma

Who’s been angry about neopronouns and

Trans women for the entire time

His poor little brain has tried to wrap around it.

Or hers, depending on

How supervillain we’re going here.


Sucks that class is such a big deal

When it comes to access for basically

Anything in America.

It’s almost like capitalism

Rots everyone’s soul as well as their

Job prospects. Le sigh.

Ta ta for now, later.

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