Do you think that Time Stands Still?

Do You Think that Time Stands Still?

–by becky WTGH

Do you think that time stands still?

Do you?

Do you think that we are real

Do you know if love is true ?

Why beat me black and blue

With the weight of expectation

Crushing myself, pushing the limit

Make the deadline, be the next sensation

Does it matter if you’re on time–

If there is no time–

And there is no limit?

If time stands still, why am I still

Rushing in it?

I wish I could stop this train of fraught

Pressurized, boiling, curdling intensity

all fucks my brain wraught with blistering propensity for

Violence, confessions.

Little to no effort, little to no sensitivity

If time stands still,

It must’ve gotten lost behind me

I charge ahead, full speed

Into darkness, uncertainty

If time stands still, please,

Don’t wait for me.

I can’t sit still, I need to be seen.

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